Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Pain

As a necessity of modern life, technological advances condemned people to a table. And this causes many problems in our movement system.
Low back and back pain is one of these.
Many movements we do in daily life cause back and low back pain.
Posture disorders, carrying heavy loads, sitting in the same position at the computer constantly in office life, overweight and long-term driving are among the main causes of back and low back pain.
This naturally leads to compression of the vertebrae and pressure on the nerves in the lumbar region.
The result is pain in the lower back.

causes of low back and back pain;

disc wear,
herniated disc,
torn muscle
Back, abdominal and hip muscles affect the entire spine.
The weakness of these muscles can also cause back pain.

Back and low back pain is a condition that needs to be taken seriously.
Necessary measures should be taken as soon as symptoms begin.
physical therapist should be interviewed and exercise should be done regularly.
Exercises on a daily basis will help reduce the effects of back and low back pain.
These exercises will not only reduce your back and low back pain, but also help you stay fit and maintain your weight.
Regardless of the cause, it is very important that low back pain does not occur, if it does, heals faster and does not recur after healing.
For this purpose, proper posture to protect the muscles, ligaments and joints of the lower back is very important.
Performing the activities in our daily lives in an appropriate position is essential for treatment and protection.
It is inconvenient to stay in the same position for a long time, as the same group of muscles always work.
In the activities such as standing, sitting, walking or even lying, the position should be changed in between.

improvement methods

Stomach and back muscles to strengthen the regular exercise is required.
Stretching exercises: Stretching exercises warm your body and make your muscles ready to exercise.
It is useful for you to do stretching movements before you start exercising and after you finish your exercise.
Back, abdominal and hip muscles affect the entire spine.
The weakness of these muscles can also cause back pain.
Strengthening the muscles in these areas with strengthening exercises to prevent back pain, reduce back pain and even helps to eliminate the pain completely.
Always exercise caution when performing back and back pain exercises. Improper movement or excessive force may cause injury.
For non-severe pain; You can find a solution to your back pain by exercising at home to strengthen your muscles.
If you feel a different kind of pain in your spine while exercising, you should stop exercising and I recommend that you see a physical therapist.

simple exercises you need to do

You can easily make exercise recommendations anywhere;
Lying on your back and pulling your two knees to your chin on your hands, 10-20 repetitions
Lay on your back and touch your knees and shoulders with each other diagonally, 10-20 repetitions
Pull the knees to the abdomen: Lie on your back on the floor.
Lift one knee first and then the other towards the abdomen.
When both of your knees are at the level of the abdomen, hold the knees with both hands and pull them towards your chest and feel your hip muscles pulled.
At this time, raise your forehead to your knees, but don’t force your neck.
Stay in this position again for five seconds.
 Then, slowly put one knee and then the other on the floor.


Rest and repeat the same movement

Lay on your back, lift your feet up and pedal on your hands 10-20 again
Lying on your back, lowering your hands or torso and raising your legs 10-20 again
Lying on your side and lifting your leg up and down 10-20 again
Lay face down and raise your hands and legs 10-20 again
Push your leg back while standing on your knees and elbows 10-20 again
Stand on your hands and knees just as you did before kicking the hip. Drop your back

5 simple exercises

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