Natural Remedy For Allergic Asthma

Natural Remedy For Allergic Asthma

Natural Remedy For Allergic Asthma;Asthma is a non-microbial chronic lung disease.

Pollen allergy sufferers ‘fear of asthma’ carob is prepared with natural cure thanks to the end.
Curing for 20 days makes breathing easier.
it affects more than 300 million people all over the world.
With the proliferation of pollen in the spring, a difficult process awaits people with allergic asthma.
Allergic asthma, shortness of breath, dry cough, wheezing symptoms appear.
In this period, protection from allergens and treatment should not be interrupted is of great importance.


Respiratory tract of asthmatic patients is more sensitive than normal and various allergens, cigarette smoke, smells, colds, influenza, upper respiratory tract diseases, such as narrowing by triggering factors make it difficult to breathe.
Genetic factors are effective in asthma, but can also be triggered by environmental factors.
Patients with allergic asthma are genetically allergic people born.
Allergic triggers actually trigger allergic asthma. Pollen that emerges in spring is all kinds of odors, dust, moisture, fungal spores and mold.


Along with these, stress, air pollution, smoke and air blown by air conditioners are among the triggers of allergic asthma.
What is important here is the organ in which the allergy will manifest itself.
It may affect the respiratory tract, lungs, skin or eyes. In people with allergic structure, the organ where the allergy will occur can change.
Allergy types can change shape in time ”.


Some foods can trigger asthma attacks, but allergic asthma has more effect on allergic asthma.
At home, factors such as house dust mite, moisture, mold can increase the complaints of allergic asthma patients.
Pollen is the most intense morning between 05.00 and 10.00 in the open air for a long time should not be done and sports.
At the same time, the house should not be ventilated again during these hours. When coming from outside, clothes should be changed and hair should be washed. Pollen filters should be placed in air conditioners.
Eyes should also be protected with glasses.
These precautions should be taken especially to prevent spring allergies and allergic asthma crises.


99 percent of asthma patients have an allergic structure.
When exposed to allergens, they show a different reaction from normal people.
Contractions occur and narrow in the bronchi.
These constrictions reveal symptoms of allergic asthma.
Dry cough crises
Shortness of breath l Wheezing
Whistling while breathing
Chest pain or chest pressure.
Allergic rhinitis symptoms such as runny nose, tears, sneezing, itchy throat and nasal discharge may also occur with asthma.
In the diagnosis of allergic asthma, chest radiograph is examined, pulmonary function test is performed and if the doctor deems necessary, allergy tests can be performed.
The patient’s history is also very important for diagnosis.


Carob is washed with cold water, then separated into small pieces, boiled with half a liter of water and cooled after waiting for 3 days should be applied in the form of drinking.
This natural and curative treatment is recommended for adults in the form of a tea cup every morning and evening, and for children it is recommended to drink a tea cup just before breakfast.
This cure should be applied for 20 days. After 20 days, a teaspoon of honey should be added to the same medicinal treatment for another 20 days.


People with allergic asthma are particularly affected by pollen.
People with allergic asthma need to be careful with the increase in pollen density in March, April and May.
There are also those affected by moisture in summer.
People with allergic asthma should stay away from pets such as cats, dogs and birds.
Allergic asthma can also be caused by stress, seasonal changes and air pollution.

Herbal Teas For Asthma

Herbal teas such as rosemary, stump, lavender, black cumin and nettle eliminate the cough and shortness of breath in asthma patients.
After contact with a wide range of stimuli such as dust, smoke, odor allergens, symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, and a feeling of pressure in the chest occur.
Polluted air, industrialization, the increase in the number of cat and dog-fed houses and the high humidity level play a role in triggering asthma.
Asthma causes serious health problems if not treated and controlled.
Asthma is a disease that manifests itself by narrowing of the airways and attacks (crises).
Herbal teasers, who have grown to the rescue of people struggling with this disease, listed the following:

Natural HERBAL Tea Remedy For Allergic Asthma

You can consume lavender in desserts and as brewing tea. However, it is possible to take advantage of the clean and fresh smell of lavender like a steam bath. You will drip into the boiling water even in your room
Adding 10-15 drops of lavender oil can provide a nice fragrance.

As the name suggests, sage is mostly consumed as tea. It is effective for patients who are already coughing to breathe easily. Prolonged consumption may slow down the symptoms of asthma.

Dead nettle
One of the plants you can consume as tea or food is nettle. Asthma and especially bronchitis are good for regulating the air in the lungs. However, if you choose to consume as tea, it is useful not to consume too much during the day.

Black cumin oil
If you can drink half a teaspoon of black seed oil will support the treatment of asthma. In addition, you can mix it with pure and extra virgin olive oil and add it to your salads.

Herbal Teas For Asthma

The ingredients in the rosemary and their properties have an effect that makes breathing easier. You can also consume rosemary as tea at most 2 times a day if you wish.

Acacia leaves
You can easily find acacia leaves in dried herbs. You can brew a liter of boiled water by throwing a pinch of acacia leaves.

Echinacea tea is also one of the most useful teas for asthma and bronchitis. This tea can be consumed as brewing or shaking and you can drink it every morning and evening.

Even a smell of eucalyptus will be a relief. You can also get rid of the bad effects of asthma by consuming your tea.

Consuming goat horn or locust molasses will strengthen the lungs and facilitate breathing. In any case, such a useful food would not be expected to affect this situation.

Anise tea
Anasone is another plant that has the same effects as sage. You can also drink anise tea with cinnamon sticks and drink during the day.

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