Mantra Meditasion and Benefits

Mantra Meditasion and Benefits

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in this article for you; What is mantra therapy? What are the effects? What are the benefits? and share basic information

Mantra is a powerful tool that saves your subconscious mind from blockages.
It consists of the combination of “Man olan which means thinking and“ tra ”syllables in the sense of emancipation.
Freedom from thought…
Her Everything in the universe is energy. Energy vibrates. Vibrations of energy at different frequencies create different forms.
Each frequency has a sound. More precisely, each frequency is a sound, a sound wave. Everything in the universe has a sound and vibrates at different frequencies.

Mantras are the sounds of the language of the universe.

To adapt to any chord of the universe, we make the sound on that frequency. For example, if the MAAAAA sound harmonizes us with the mother nature, the feminine power Shakti, if we want to adjust to the frequency of the sun, we make the RAAAA sound.

When making a certain sound, our energy field resonates with this frequency.
This resonance is achieved.
Our energy adapts to our voices and thoughts.
By its very nature, energy attracts harmonious energies.
Our energy is somehow related to the events we take and the environment.

Usually we generate energy according to the subconscious autopilot programming that we cannot control.
Mantras are the means of reprogramming ourselves and creating new ways of thinking.
Mantras are also the access codes to different channels of our mind. Through mantras, we can reach thoughts that we cannot enter consciously, or even higher levels of consciousness.

Some of the Gururrattan Bija Mantras

Om, shrim, hrim, krim, gam, swaha, lam, ram, yam, glaum,…


It is very useful to tell the mantras formed by the merging of the basic sounds with the correct pronunciation by knowing and feeling their meanings and opening the obstructed channels in the body and mind.

Mantras can be taken from a guru according to the Tantric tradition.

The guru gives the individual mantra, and after this initiation, the person works by keeping his mantra secret.
Considered the queen of the mantras, the Gayatri Mantra has been given to the whole world:


Gayatri Mantra has many translations, interpretations and commentaries.
In summary;
The source of life, the guardian God, we pray to the light, the most perfect, the purest and the purifying, the most perfect, the purest and the purifying, the one that is free from all pain, liberating the soul from evils, embracing the universe and carrying everything, creating the entire universe and giving it energy and happiness.
Or, meditate on the creative light that creates the universe, which deserves to be a servant, that brings consciousness and light into the body, that removes ignorance, to enlighten our consciousness.

Saying mantras does not require a religious belief, nor does it coincide with any religious belief.

What are the physical benefits of mantras?

All mantras have intense physical benefits.
Reduces stress by giving mental calmness.
The divine rhythm and tone carry energy in the body.
It regulates the chemicals in our brains through the movement of energy.
It blocks stress hormones and secretes endorphins.
By regulating the heartbeat allows us to live healthier.
Mantras develop positive alpha, gamma, delta and brain waves – brain waves that are activated during relaxation.
Chanting increases immune functions and lowers blood pressure. The sound of the mantra literally reveals the negative sounds in our heads.
By blocking negative thoughts through repression, the mind makes room for positive thoughts.
It is the easiest way to manage thoughts and ensure physical and mental well-being.
Mantras make fear easier. allows you to cling to life more tightly by eliminating the distrust of yourself
People with phobias often adapt mantras to focus in times of fear.

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