Make Simple Massage Oil At Home

Make Simple Massage Oil At Home

Make Simple Massage Oil At Home ;Outside, there are hundreds of massage oils that can be purchased with different properties.

But the idea of ​​making your own massage oil sounds much more exciting.
Moreover, making massage oil at home is extremely simple.
If you want to get aromatherapy results, you can create your massage oil from your chosen oils, or you can combine your favorite scents.

Tips for making massage oil

First of all, you should choose the oils you will use in massage oil well. A good oil allows your hand to glide easily over the massage area.
On the other hand, you may not like the smell of your favorite oils when they come together.
Therefore, before mixing the oils, always make a 1-2 drop test.

At the same time, you should not act fast while making your massage oil.
Instead of mixing all the ingredients together, you should mix slowly and pause.
You should never shake your massage oil into a bottle; otherwise, the oils in it may lose their organic structure, resulting in aromatherapy results.

You should keep your massage oil away from light and heat to prevent oxidation.
You should keep the massage oil in a glass or ceramic bottle so that there is some space in the bottle.
The best materials for storing massage oils are glass and ceramic bottles.
Plastic bottles are also acceptable.
However, you should never put your massage oil in metal cans.
You have to store your massage oils in a glass or ceramic bottle in such a way that they cannot see heat and light.

Massage oil recipes

Before moving on to massage oil recipes, it is useful to briefly talk about essential and carrier oils:
We divide the oils we use in making massage oils into essential oils and carrier oils.
Almonds, walnuts, coconuts, grape seeds, jojoba, olives, sesame seeds and Macadamia nuts can be listed as these oils, essential – ie essential oil to stop oxidation.
Therefore, essential oils such as lemon, mint, sandalwood, anise and oregano must be mixed with carrier oils.

You can get your own massage oil by mixing the essential oils with the carrier oils below. As we mentioned before, you should do the mixing process slowly and intermittently.

Massage oil with detoxification

2-3 drops of rosemary oil: reduces pain, helps digestion, strengthens the mind.

8-10 drops of atlas cedar oil: Relaxes, provides cells to renew.

5-6 drops of oregano oil: Prevents the formation of germs, parasites and fungi.

2-3 drops of grapefruit oil: Provides cell renewal and supports skin health.

3-4 drops of arborvitae oil: Stimulants, reduces joint and muscle pain.

Carrier oils: Olive, grape seed and jojoba oils

Massage oil can be used to reduce pain

2-3 drops of bergamot oil: a natural deodorant and antipyretic, relaxes muscles.

10-12 drops of lavender oil: Supports skin health, accelerates the healing process of wounds.

8-9 drops of myrrh: It is relaxing and relaxing.

4-5 drops of Roman chamomile oil: Soothes the body and mind, reduces pain and inflammation, helps to heal wounds.

Carrier oils: Grape seed and jojoba.

Mandarin + Lavender + Valerian + Sandalwood + Chinese Rose

Recipe for massage oil to help sleep

This massage oil will help you sleep at night, 10 minutes before bedtime to your temples, behind your ears, the inside of your wrists and under your feet can drop a few drops.

1-2 drops of tangerine oil: relaxes, helps digestion.

12-14 drops of lavender oil: It is a natural detox product.

6-7 drops valerian oil: Reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure, helps to sleep.

3-4 drops of sandalwood oil: Soothing, reduces inflammation.

2-3 drops of Japanese rose oil: Relaxes, rests.

Carrier oil: Grape seed oil.

After mixing the oils in the recipes, do not forget to store your massage oil in a glass or ceramic bottle.

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