Herbal Teas Uses Effects And Preparation

Herbal Teas Uses Effects And Preparation

Herbal Teas Uses Effects And Preparation ; The effectiveness of black tea is gradually decreasing.
Now the rising trend of herbal teas.The benefits of these teas to the body do not stop counting.

However, it is necessary to drink 4-5 cups of herbal tea a day for this to happen.
Green tea protects the body like armor.
High blood pressure to insomnia in many trouble, teas, if not prepared correctly, harmful effects emerge.
Herbal teas; alternative drink, preservative and therapeutic purposes.
These teas are used as a healthy drink instead of tea and coffee.
Most people are no longer after morning tea; rosehip, apple, sage plants prefers prepared teas.

Herbal teas build a wall against diseases, increasing the body’s resistance.

In addition to daily illnesses such as colds, influenza, herbal teas are widely used in diseases such as kidneys, liver diseases and high blood pressur
However, in the treatment of very serious diseases such as cancer, the use of herbs as a tea is also seen.
This is a condition that is inaccurate and endangers the patient’s health.
Herbal teas do not work when not prepared correctly.
Herbal teas, brewing, boiling and can be prepared at normal temperature.
The choice of methods is important. Because herbal tea solution the materials to be passed may vary according to these preparation methods.
If the wrong method is selected, the substances may not pass or unwanted substances may pass.
It should be noted that herbal teas are a form of medicine.

When used for treatment and protection of herbal teas, it should be drunk regularly.

When herbal teas are used appropriately for treatment, the desired effect may occur.
When the treatment is completed, tea should be left to drink.
Otherwise, undesirable effects may arise from the accumulation of substances with moderate effect.
A period between cures should be left for the desired effect to occur.
Patients are generally advised to drink a cup of herbal tea on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed in the evening.
Unless recommended otherwise, the teas should be drunk hot and sip on an empty stomach to show the effect.

use honey instead of sugar

We can recommend adding honey to herbal teas as a sweetener.
Addition of honey in the tea used against cough, the effect of honey will make tea more effective.
We do not recommend adding artificial sweeteners to herbal teas.
Because it is inevitable that it will react with the active substances in tea.
Tea prepared with drugs containing essential oil, should not drink without adding any sweetener.

Warning for Men

There are compounds close to natural estrogen (female hormone) in sage.
Men should not consume more than two cups of tea per day.
If it is incorrectly prepared and consumed, it may have a negative effect.
Sage is not boiled.
It is prepared by boiling or steeping.
Two, no more than three minutes of boiling water If it stays inside then it gives useful ingredients.
The more boiled, the more bitter the taste.
This means that the plant gives harmful substances.
If men consume sage too much, the hormonal balance of the body may be impaired by the female hormone it contains.
This will adversely affect the level of testosterone (male hormone).

When used for treatment and protection of herbal teas, it should be drunk regularly.

4-5 cups of green tea a day has a protective effect on cancer.
Green tea obtained from unfermented black tea has a very positive effect on the body.
Helps cleanse the body of substances that cause aging and wear.
It helps to maintain blood cholesterol and lipid levels within normal limits and protects heart health.
Polyphenol and catechin in green tea called substances, substances that lead to the formation of substances are destroyed.
It is known that cancer cases are less common in Asian countries where green tea is widely consumed.

Youth Vaccine Ginseng

Ins Ginseng tea makta has a significant effect on reducing aging and related effects.
It helps to increase mental and physical capacity.
Sexual strength enhancing effect.
Reduces fatigue.
Different types of ginseng root have different effects on the body.
The most known species in the world; “Red
Korean, Siberian and Canadian ginseng.
Korean ginseng has a stimulating, stimulating and warming effect.
The effect of ginsengs in Siberian cold climate is the opposite.
It has protective properties against aging and wear.
Ginseng should be selected according to the physiological condition of the person.
It may be wrong to give red ginseng to someone with high blood pressure, excessive palpitations.
In the morning and at noon, the consumption of two cups of ginseng per day has great benefits for the body.

Herbal Teas and Benefits

St. John’s Wort;
Facilitates digestion
Good for stomach burns
Calms the excitement
Relaxing effect in case of insomnia
Help you feel better
The melt prepared from St. John’s Wort can be used externally in wounds, burns.

Herbal Teas Uses Effects And Preparation

Sage Tea
Has antiseptic properties
Increases resistance
Opens memory
Refreshing effect
Cuts Nausea
Regulates the digestive system
Softens the chest
Calms the nerves
Good for the skin

Rosemary Tea
Relieves constipation
Stimulating the digestive system
Good for headaches
Revitalizes circulation
Helps to remove toxic substances from the body

Bay leaf Tea
Has antiseptic properties
Facilitates digestion
Helps insomnia problem
Prevents hair loss
Relaxing effect

Herbal Teas Uses Effects And Preparation
Herbal Teas Uses Effects

Melissa Tea
Has antiseptic properties
Takes tension, helps sleep
Removes gas
Provides sweating
Relaxes stomach, regulates digestion
Removing gas
Facilitates digestion

rosehip Tea
Contains vitamin C
Helps relieve constipation
Cough is good
Useful against allergies eczema and hemorrhoids

Herbal Teas Uses Effects And Preparation

Linden Tea
Cough is good
Soothing effect
Good for palpitations, soothing
Helps insomnia problem
Good for the stomach
Has expectorant effect

Mint Tea
Has mild antiseptic properties
Effective against nausea
Good for palpitations
Recommended for colds
Helps sleep problems by calming the nervous system

Herbal Teas Uses Effects And Preparation
Herbal Teas Uses BENEFİTS And Preparation

Daisy Tea
Regulates the digestive system
Increases urine
Soothes nerves
Gas removes
Relieves pain
Has antiseptic properties

Fennel Tea
Helps eliminate pains
Good for the stomach
Soothes nerves
Gas removes
Regulates digestion

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