Herbal Teas And Benefits

h2>Herbal Teas Uses And Benefits

Herbal Teas And Benefits ;Most of the medicines on the basis of herbal teas are a source of healing.

It is useful to know that treatment with herbs will always take longer than medication.
Plants should be used as a precaution before the disease, and simple diseases should be treated with herbal teas, compresses and oils made from herbs.
In serious diseases, plants can be used in parallel with the treatment given by the doctor.
Medicinal teas can be obtained from many medicinal plants in nature.
When preparing herbal tea, you should also pay attention to the following.
When preparing herbal tea, freshly boiled chlorine-free water should be used.
In many diseases it has been determined that chlorine is harmful.
Let your water boil for a minute or so.
Put the tea plant in a porcelain teapot and add the required amount of water.
Usually you need to use one quart of water for 1 teaspoon dry or a handful of fresh herbs.
2-5 minutes is enough for brewing tea.
When you make tea from root plants (such as ginger, galangal), you can put the same amount of water and plants together in the pot and make your tea by boiling.

Herbal Teas And Benefits
herbal Teas Uses Effects

Linden Tea

It is one of the most effective and widely used natural remedies against colds and cough.
linden; insomnia, spasm and blood circulation disorders.
Particular attention should be paid not to drink too much in the evening, because if taken in large amounts can cause insomnia.
Anemia due to the large amount of chlorophyll in the leaves
In case of use is useful.
Like other teas, do not boil linden for the time you prepare.
Because linden boiled and drunk for a long time hurt you more than good It can give.
Linden flower is used as a tea for soothing, urinating, breast emollient and expectorant.
It is beneficial for gastric ulcer if mixed with honey.
Regulates blood circulation.

Yogi Tea

A spicy tea from Indian yogis.
It’s just right for winter, so heater.
An ayurvedic tea consists of a mixture of yogi tea and intense spices.
To prepare this tea;
cinnamon stick in a small pot,
4-5 cardamom beads,
1 small root ginger,
Put 2 cloves and 4-5 pieces of black pepper.
Add 2 glasses of water.
Boil for 5 minutes then strain.
Mix with milk if you wish.

Herbal Teas And Benefits
Herbal Teas Uses Effects benefits

Nettle Tea

Nettle is good for many ailments and grows abundantly in gardens from autumn to late spring.
Especially metabolism disorders, stomach, intestine, kidney, good for rheumatism and gout.
In addition, nephritis, jaundice, urinary tract stones and especially against cancer 3-4 cup nettle tea per day is very useful.
One teaspoon dry or a handful of fresh nettle per person is enough to prepare nettle tea.

Rosemary Tea

It is used especially against blood circulation diseases, rheumatism and asthma diseases, stomach and intestinal gases.
facilitates digestion when drunk after heavy meals.
It is also used for bronchitis, cough, migraine, gastritis, headache, painful menstruation, low blood pressure, constipation, gallstones, diarrhea and liver disorders.
In order to give a pleasant taste, you can also add a piece of cinnamon to rosemary tea.

Fennel Tea

Fennel tea gas and cramp pains, stomach and intestinal disorders are used.
It is a commonly used drug especially when babies have gauze. Fennel tea is useful in coughs and colds and during pertussis in children.
Hiccups, nausea, urinary tract inflammation, kidney stones in many cases, such as fennel tea can apply.
The best known expectorant is herbal tea.
It is also a milk enhancer for mothers with babies.

Chicory Tea

Both salads, boiled and can be used with the addition of olive oil and lemon chicory is a good diuretic.
It is one of the herbs that liver patients, rheumatics and diabetics should use.
chicory and other soften intestines.
It is useful in chronic rheumatism, gout, kidney and gallbladder diseases.
Coffee made from chicory roots is a good appetizer.
Rheumatism patients in the spring and autumn in the morning between 4-6 weeks and they can cure by drinking chicory tea in the evening and benefit quickly.
To prepare chicory tea, 1-2 teaspoons chopped chicory is used per person.

Mint Tea

Peppermint tea, stomach and intestinal gases, nausea and heart palpitations drink.
It has therapeutic properties in diseases of the digestive system, abdominal pain, diarrhea, gallbladder, headache, migraine, sinusitis, toothache, weakness, bronchitis, and cough.
Mint, shortness of breath can also be used as follows: honey on a cheesecloth, fresh or dry mint leaves are sprinkled on the chest before bedtime, and left until morning.
Its leaves are used as soothing tea, midevi, gas expectorant and nausea.
In addition, as used in the preparation of various drugs, the leaves are put into the food raw or dried.
Peppermint essence is effective against large amounts of poison, but small amounts can be used against stomach aches and nausea.
Nan essential oil is also used a lot of oil.

Thyme Tea

Thyme is known as a very powerful antiseptic.
Thymol derived from oregano oil is used in many drugs, even in surgery to clean the wound.
Thyme used in epidemics in ancient times, flu flu outbreaks should be used today.
And whooping cough, coughing, bronchitis, stomach upset, diarrhea, menstrual pain, thyme tea to drink.
Thyme used in insect stings to the skin, skin diseases can be used by throwing into bath water.

Ginger Tea

Ginger, used for 5 thousand years in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, is a heating herb.
It has a cleansing, regulating and invigorating effect, especially in metabolic disorders.
It is also used in pharyngitis, diarrhea, gas, to improve blood circulation, muscle diseases and rheumatic pain.
He can drink his tea in colds, ginger-turmeric-honey for coughing
You can use the mixture in the morning and evening on an empty stomach for syrup intention.

 Because ginger is refreshing, it cleans the lungs, prevents gas and increases perspiration and cleanses the skin.

Sage Tea

Sage, which is considered the sacred plant of the Indians, grows abundantly in the Mediterranean region.
Sage, which acts as an antibiotic, is very useful for gum diseases and sore throats.
It is good for nervous breakdown, dizziness, tremor and stops sweating during menopause.
It is also used in circulatory system diseases, low blood pressure, digestive system disorders, psychological disorders, weakness, nervous diseases.
Especially in the throat and oral inflammations prepared with sage several times a day to make a mouthwash with chilled tea, you will see that it is good.
It clears stomach and bowel gases.
It cuts nausea.
It provides regular digestive system.
It’s effective on throat, tonsil and gingival inflammations.
Softens the chest.
Relieves asthma problems.
Urine and sweat.
No more than 3 coffee cups per day.

Apple Tea

Apart from nutritional value, apple is protective against shortness of breath and heart disease.
It helps to remove toxins from the body, cleans the intestines because it is fibrous.
Those suffering from liver, rheumatism and even diabetics can benefit from the apple.
Apple is soothing, sleepy, good for headaches.
When fresh apple juice is applied to the skin, it strengthens the tissues and beautifies the skin.
The apple blossoms collected in the spring are dried and boiled in autumn and winter.
A syrup that is good for the chest and cough is obtained.
You can make tea from dried apple pieces.
If you want to boil the apples you cut into small pieces of peel into lemon and orange can be consumed as tea.

Blackberry Tea

A prickly and shrub-like plant.
It is found in uncultivated places, on the sides of fences, roads and ditches.
The fruit is a spherical composite of many fruits. The parts used are leaves and flower buds.
The leaves are harvested before blossom, dried in the shade.
Leaves contain tannins and organic acids. Although it has a slightly constipating feature; gums, tonsils and throat inflammation, diarrhea and hemorrhoids are used.

Sideritis Tea
They are stimulant, gas expelling, appetizing and relieving stomach pains.

Rosehip Tea

It is friendly to the eyes because of its rich vitamin richness. Provides vitality to the body.
100 grams of rosehip is a crate of oranges equivalent to vitamin C. A good rickets medicine is an effective blood purifier.
It is a powerful worm lowering and intestinal softener.
It is beneficial against stomach cramps and digestive system difficulties. Rheumatism relieves pain.
It gives good results in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Balm Tea

The leaves have sedative, pony, gas, expectorant and antiseptic effects.
Relieves unrest and troubles.
Useful for memory weakness.
Cuts complaints such as dizziness and tinnitus.
Indigestion, headaches and migraines are also useful.
It is mostly used in tea form.

Daisy Tea

Flower heads are collected in the shade before flowering and dried in the shade.
In the morning in the form of tea drink a glass on an empty stomach.
It has urinary multiplying, appetizing, sedative and gas-releasing effects.
Pile of painkillers, therapy has the annoying effect.
It is also used as a dyeing material

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