Herbal Plants For Skin Stains

Herbal Plants For Skin Stains

Herbal Plants For Skin Stains; Medicinal plants used extensively in the treatment of diseases, any skin problem is also used safely.

Laboratory prepared mask, cream, lotion and so on.
Considering that the essence of personal care products and How much the benefits of pure pure herbal products prepared under the control of the better
This is the point where you can find and apply very simple plant extracts how it can benefit your skin with its ingredients, sometimes one-to-one and sometimes


From the family of beech; beautiful shed in winter
looking forest tree.
Its branches are like bunches.
Shells are ring rings.
Beech tar is obtained from dry distillation of bark and branches.
It is used in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis.
Cuts toothache.
The water obtained by boiling the shells in the water to remove face spots, freckles.
The bristles are cleaned.


Cucumber is a kind of plant.
Eaten as eaten or made salad, crisp, refreshing.
There are vitamins A and C in it.
There are many varieties.
Relieves body fatigue.
It is useful in rheumatism and joint pain.
It cuts the thirst.
Reduces the amount of sugar in the blood.
It meets the need for insulin.
Provides regular operation of sweat glands.
Eliminates wrinkles & blemishes on hands, face & neck
Gives beauty to skin


It is a kind of violet with yellow, purple and blue flowers.
It is 20 cm long.
Removes inflammation in the urinary tract.
Useful for skin diseases and especially eczema.
Cough stops.
It is also used in vascular stiffness and jaundice.


Damkorugugiller family; woody or herbaceous And plants.
The flowers are in the form of cluster.
The green part is bitter.
Green parts are mixed with olive oil and ointment is made.
It is used in skin inflammations, eczema, and callus treatment.


Lily family; climber and spiny stems, greenish flowering, perennial plant.
The leaves are heart-shaped.
The flowers are in the form of umbrellas.
It has tannin and saponin at its root.
There are many types.
Cleans the blood.
Useful for skin diseases.
It is used in syphilis.


It is a woody plant that is deciduous or always green during the winter months.
It is a 4-5 m tall shrub.
Flowers are white.
Fruits are bright black, grape.
Grows in all forest areas.
Blossoms are useful for skin drying.
Fruits should not be used.

Momordica charantia

Cucurbitaceae family, climber, thin-bodied, is an annual plant.
The leaves are stalked and pieces like hand.
When the fruit ripens, it is separated from each other.
Fruits are 10-15 cm tall and swollen.
There are bubbles on it.
Orange-yellow color.
in home remedies, it used mixed with olive oil.
Treats stomach ulcers.
It is useful in eczema and other skin diseases.
Provides quick closure of wounds.


It is a dirt-cleansing plant, with its roots and branches bubbling like juice is added to the soap.
In halva, it is also used to bleach wax.
The root is large and thick.
The exterior is slightly reddish.
Flowers; pink, white, cluster.
Root beating is obtained from the trash.
Sweats, lowers fever.
Gives comfort to the body.
Vomit and expectorate.
It is also used in skin diseases.
Also used as a cleaner.

Owl tree (beech)

is a tree that grows on moist soils.
Fruits are small.
The leaves are collected and dried in spring.
Empties the accumulated water in the body.
It ensures regular operation of the kidneys.
Prevents overweight.
Rests the pain of rheumatism.
Cuts foot odors.
Make hair thick,
destroys dandruff.
Treats skin diseases.
It eliminates urinary stiffness caused by heart failure.
It removes the salt accumulated in the body.
Useful in uremia and album.


Wheat, barley, oats, rice, corn and grains such as potatoes obtained by special methods is a floury substance.
In hot water it becomes a gelatinous mass called starch gel.
It is used in beauty masks, pharmacy and laundry.
The food is also good.
Tincture is very useful in poisoning.
Porridge is used in skin and chest diseases.
Removes inflammation.
Cuts itching in skin diseases.
When bathed and washed, it softens the skin.


From the eggplant family; It is a perennial herbaceous plant with thick stems, long leaves and large purple fruits.
There are many varieties.
Contains vitamin A, phosphorus and some essences.
Removes anemia.
It provides the liver and pancreas to work properly.
Helps to lose weight.
Kidney burns and pain relief.
Calms the nerves.
Relieves heart palpitations.
Skin diseases, sugars, gastrointestinal and liver diseases with excessive levels should not eat eggplant.


It is the fruit of the grape vine which is rich in glucose.
Increases strength of body and mind.
It makes blood.
It provides the harmful substances which accumulate in human body to get out of the body.
Lowers high blood pressure.
It is useful in gastric ulcer, gastritis, liver diseases, spleen diseases, rheumatism and joint inflammation.
It removes constipation.
Strengthens the heart.
Cleans the blood.
Useful in obesity.
Prevents nausea of ​​pregnant women.
Provides skin beauty Helps easily circumvent the recovery circuit.
It helps reduce the sand and stones in the kidney.
Feeder is.


From the genus Pine; It is a very spectacular and imposing tree that grows up to 40 meters in the mountains of Lebanon and in the Taurus Mountains of our country.
The branches are horizontal.
The leaves are needle-like and bunch-shaped.
The colors are dark green at a young age.
Over time they turn into light blue green.
The cone is light chestnut, mature, oval in shape and 8-12 cm tall.
Seeds contain resin.
The wood is fragrant.
By burning the trunk and branches in closed places, yellowing is obtained.
Germ is lethal.
Skin is used in respiratory diseases.


Stalks are cane and hollow.
Flowers in the form of spike.
Nuts are called wheat.
Contains vitamin B and carbohydrates
These are in the bran of the grains.
Therefore, the more whole wheat wheat flour, that is, the more brunette, the more useful.
Bread, cookies and the like, made from whole wheat wheat flour, ensure regular operation of the intestines.
Prevents constipation.
Germinated wheat grain relieves mental fatigue and nervous disorders.
Those with arteriosclerosis, stomach and skin diseases should not eat anything like fresh bread and hot pies.


Violetae family; The flowers are monochrome, one or perennial herbaceous plant.
The leaves are heart-shaped and almost stemless. It is usually more or less dark.
There are also white colors.
It blooms in spring.
Gives comfort to the body.
Cleans the blood.
Provides the removal of poisons accumulated in the body.
It is useful in nickel and rheumatism.
It removes constipation.
Useful in queue.
It is also used in skin diseases.
Porridge provides healing of wounds.
Violet oil treats eczema and scabies.
Useful for whooping cough and sore throat.
It also treats aqueous deprivations.

Cinchinae (contestosis):

Rootworm family; is a 15-20 meter tall tree whose native land is Peru and Bolivia and grown in tropical countries such as Javan, South India, Colombia, Ceylon, Guatemala, Cameroon and Congo as an industrial plant. Remove quinine from the bark.
The content of cinnamon contains substances such as quinine, quinidine, quinon, cingol, cupreol.
Trunk, roots and shells are used.
The taste is bitter.
Lowers fever.
Cures malaria.
Typhoid is useful.
It shortens the convalescence period of severe and microbial diseases.
Useful for skin itching.
Gives strength.
It removes constipation.
Quinidine alkaloids are used in tachycardia.
Gives strength to the body.


The cruciferous family; It is a fleshy and sweet tuberous, two-year-old plant that makes a swollen tuber under the ground.
The leaves are split and hairy, the flowers are yellow.
Contains vitamin B and mineral substances
It is beneficial for rheumatism and niches.
Reduces joint swelling and relieves complaints.
Helps reduce kidney sand and stone.
It is used in abscesses, entanglement, blood boils and freezing.
It is useful in skin diseases such as puberty acne and eczema.
Softens the chest.
Cleans the lungs and bronchi, gives comfort to the body.
Removes throat inflammation.
Shortens the recovery cycle.
It removes constipation. Against diseases of the body
increases resistance.
It quenches the thirst of diabetics.


It is a kind of plant that is grown as a vegetable because of its long conical and fleshy root.
Contains sugar, vitamin A and carotene.
Relieves chronic constipation.
The child stops diarrhea.
Removes intestinal inflammation.
Stomach and intestinal bleeding cuts.
Removes anemia.
Gives vitality to skin
Increases breast milk.
Prevents skin and eye diseases.
Relieves kidney pain.
Gives strength to the body.
softens the chest,
gives comfort.
It is also useful in tuberculosis.
Relieves complaints of stomach and duodenal ulcer.
It is beneficial for heart diseases and arteriosclerosis.
Removes urine and intestinal gases.
Ensures that menstrual period is uniform and painless.
Strengthens the gums.
Resolves facial and neck fractures.
Improves vision.

medical plants Benefits


Lily family; is a bitter herbaceous plant with a pungent odor, used in tuberous and green leaves.
It contains volatile and fixed oils, sugars, ferments and amino acids.
It removes harmful substances and water accumulated in the body.
It is useful for rheumatism, joint inflammation, urinary stiffness and arteriosclerosis.
It helps the spillage of sand and stones in the kidneys.
Provides weight loss.
Relieves kidney pain.
It relieves mental fatigue.
He faints.
Prevents prostate gland disease.
It is useful in impotence.
Increases sexual power.
It is useful in eczema and other skin diseases.
Cough, removes bronchi.
Useful for asthma attacks, lung diseases, influenza and colds.
Lowers blood sugar levels. Useful for diabetics.
Helps reduce intestinal worms in cholera and tuberculosis.
Delays old age.
Strengthens the heart.
It dilates the coronary vessels.
Helps discharge pus.
It is also useful in wrapping and front sight.


From evergreen evergreen trees.
The leaves are small pulses or needles and are 1-2 cm long.
They are one-staged or two-staged plants.
Cones called juniper eats are found on female trees.
Juniper species are distinguished from each other according to the size, color, and especially the number of seeds in each cone.
They grow like trees in warm climates and protected areas, but in bushes in cold regions.
In general, wood is soft and durable.
Made of pencil.
Timber is also used as a railway sleeper.
There are 60 species that grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Black Grape Seed in Skin Care

Delays skin aging due to the high level of omega-6 cream made from seed oil.
To have a vibrant, radiant and beautiful skin, you should use a moisturizing cream no matter what age you are.
In addition to cosmetic products, all-natural, herbal cosmetic products which are in demand recently are also preferred.
At the beginning of these grapes, oil, apricots, cocoa, carrots and bitter almonds are also produced as cream.

Black Grape Seed Cream

Black grape seed oil in its formula and linoic acid (omega-6) content of this oil has a high rate and has a protective feature.
This nourishing, repairing, moisturizing cream reduces the aging effect with its rich content and lightness.
Quickly populating the skin, moisturizing the skin deeply provides a smooth appearance.
The antioxidant effect of grapes is 50 times more than vitamin E and 20 times more than vitamin C.

Apricot Cream for Sensitive Areas

Apricot seed cream contains apricot seed oil rich in vitamins A, E and F.
It can be used on thin and sensitive areas of the skin such as eye area, breast tissue and lips.
Strengthens skin barrier lipids and helps dissolve oily substances on the surface of the skin.
Nourishes & hydrates skin
It is effective in skin care and in removing wrinkles around the eyes.

Coconut Cream

Thanks to the natural coconut oil it contains, it contains the necessary qualities for nourishing, moisturizing and protecting the skin.
This cream protects your skin against environmental pollution.
It also gives your body vitality with its pleasant scent.

Moisturizing Bitter Almond Cream

Cream containing natural bitter almond oil is used for daily skin care to maintain youthfulness and elasticity of skin prone to drying and cracking thanks to its intensive moisturizing and rapid absorption.
Cream, beautification, moisturizing as well as feeding functions.

Cocoa Butter Cream

Cocoa cream, indispensable in summer, which your skin will never refuse, brings you to tropical climates with its natural protective feature and pleasant smell.
Cocoa butter, which has a tanning feature, is an intense moisturizer and rich in antioxidants.
It is the medicine of dry skin.
Protects against sunspots
Softens & softens skin
This dense and rich cream relaxes dry, hard or stretched skin.

Carrot Cream Against Stains

Carrot, known for many years for its health and positive effect on the skin, moisturizes the skin, renews the cells.
With the beta carotene it contains, it gives the skin a radiant and healthy appearance.
Carrot cream contains plenty of carrot oil, rich in protein A and lecithin.
In this way, your skin naturally tanned and protects against sunspots.

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