Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey;Turkey is among the leading countries in the world regarding hair transplantation.

Be made more affordable compared to other countries of the plantation is very high success rate of transactions and prices in Turkey leads many people to make a plantation in Turkey.
plantation prices in Turkey are much more affordable in comparison to other countries in 2019 budget.

Hair transplantation operations using FUE, DHI and Percutaneous techniques are the key to permanent hair, and therefore hope for many people who suffer from hair loss and severe hair loss.
Turkey, health tourism and in particular they are talked about all over the world with its success over the years by thousands of tourists accommodated in the plantation area.
androgenetic alopecia, especially under the influence of geography on which the country found that the most frequent problems of Turkey, has a very broad market for hair transplantation.
In a report by the UK’s largest circulation newspaper Independent; He noted that Turkey has a $ 1 billion plantation industry.

plantation prices in Turkey in 2019, though appropriate; It is Turkey’s very popular on the hair is not the only reason for the operation to be performed at affordable prices.

The technology used in operations is highly advanced and advanced.
the expertise of doctors, so that possible complications can be avoided.
comfortable recovery of the patient,
Many factors, such as people who want to make the hair transplant performed in Turkey attracts maximum graft.

It is a process that requires a total of 3-4 days of hair transplantation also among the reasons for the preference for Turkey’s plantation. Because many people, the remaining time in the country wants to visit the time spent in the country.
Date and Turkey in terms of the sheer number of tourist attractions carries a unique alternative qualifications in this regard.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

How does the hair transplantation procedure in Turkey?

First day; This is the day of the meeting and pre-negotiations. Experts in the related clinics listen to the needs of the guest and listen to their expectations.
the general health status of the guest, how long the hair loss has existed, how the process continues in detail by learning the latest situation of the region where hair loss is evaluated.
In this direction, the number of grafts needed by the guest is given and information is mutually agreed on which technique will provide the most natural result for our client.
The day of operation is decided.

Hair Transplant in Turkey
The second interview takes place on the day of the operation.
The health status of the guest is evaluated by means of blood tests.
Then, if the decision is percutaneous or FUE, the patient’s hair is shaved and the operation is started.
If DHI is the preferred method, hair is shaved only in the donor area. After the operation, the guest is informed once more about the things that should not be done by the guest and what should be paid attention.

Third interview; two days after the operation.
The first wash is done by experts.
detailed information about what to pay attention to in the next washings and how to do hair care in the future.
Afterwards, products such as lotions and shampoos are delivered to the guests and sent off.

Why prices differ plantation in Turkey?

he wonders why the prices differ from the hair transplant clinics that guests receive.
How plantation prices in Turkey in 2019 given that the service, which varies depending carried out under the standards.
The parameters such as the technique used and the equipment required by the technique, the quality of the equipment, the number of grafts sown, the expertise of the person performing the procedure include certain costs.
As the quality of these parameters increases, the cost automatically increases and the price given to the guest is affected.

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey

hair transplantation techniques have been utilized in prices in Turkey in 2019, it varies according to the quality of the services offered and the team’s expertise.
however, on average, 1 graft hair root = 1-2 euro.
1 overall graft hair follicles for hair transplantation prices in Turkey are held 2-3 pounds at.
If it is considered that 3000 grafts hair transplantation is done in one session on average, it corresponds to 6000 tl average.
This hair transplantation price is the average hair transplantation price.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

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