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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior.
Psychology is a multifaceted discipline
And includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes

Psychology is a science that studies behaviors and mental processes.

In fact, everything that a person does can fall within this definition.

Behavior is everything that a person does and can be measured in any way.

Mental processes point to internal phenomena such as thinking, remembering and feeling.

In other words, psychologists are not only visible behaviors like talking or acting; Emotion, perception, dreams, motivation, attitude, such as abstract but indirectly measurable behaviors.

Behaviors and mental processes can be as simple as just blinking or as complex as solving the most difficult math problems.

Therefore, even the biological activities that people do, think, feel and maintain their bodily functions are included in the field of psychology.

Not only psychologists try to understand human behavior.
In everyday life, we all try to understand what others (and even ourselves) do, why, how, relationships between emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
Philosophers, artists and literati have asked similar questions to psychologists throughout history.
However, psychology is a science and uses scientific methods based on systematic, objective and empirical data in search of the answers to these questions.

So it is not subjective, intuitive or random; generate objective, verifiable and generalizable answers.
Psychologists try not only to describe people’s behavior and mental processes, but also to predict (predict) and explain.
The information obtained at the end of these scientific studies is used to solve the problems of individuals and social groups, to enable them to acquire new behaviors, to help them get rid of the behaviors they deem problematic and to provide a shorter life.

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