9 Important Points in Cancer Treatment

9 Important Points in Cancer Treatment

9 Important Points in Cancer Treatment ; in this article we will offer you more details.

1-Supportive treatments

Supportive therapies remain valid throughout the world.
As the difference in supportive therapies is observed during the treatment process and in observing the desired results, research and development are also prominent in this field.
What we call treatment is the preferred way to cure a disease.
Treatment options can sometimes be single and sometimes versatile.
As of today, the best treatment method has been chosen and applied individually.

Supportive Treatments Can Be Viewed from Two Perspectives;

1. Methods developed by people in different countries in different centuries. These; Acupuncture, yoga, reiki, meditaston, mental therapies, massage therapy, psychotherapy and many other methods can be considered.
2. Other supportive therapies, and most importantly methods of plants, flowers and plant roots, which are the gift of nature to humans. So, as of today, herbal treatment is the method we call phytotherapy.


The human body detoxifies the natural functioning process, or rather has to do.
Human toilet habits-sweating-sleeping is a detox method and these detox methods have to be applied as regular periodes.
One of the best detox methods is sweating.
In fact, sweating is the air conditioning system of the human body.
Especially when we are exposed to infectious diseases, when we exercise with high effort or in a hot summer weather, we sweat because an increase in body temperature occurs above normal, the human body activates the mechanism of sweat to cool this increase.

It should be remembered that the skin is one of the body organs.
During the sweating, the toxins in the human body which are soluble in water are excreted from the body.
In addition, the excess water in the body, edema and tension is reduced.
After such sweating, we are thirsty, hungry and have a good night’s sleep. In short, we find health.

Sweating advice to cancer patients should be made in particular.
They need this to keep their bodies alive and healthy all the time.

Cancer patients are under severe physical pressure due to the use of both psychological and medical drugs.
Due to the intensive application of chemical drugs, our body, which has limited carrying capacity, may have different problems just for this reason.

Detox is very important for cancer patients

Detox is very important for people, especially for cancer patients.
Patients receiving chemotherapy are advised to drink too much water by their doctor.
Following this advice, the patient is exposed to a new burden of water and kidney.
The advice of patients to drink too much water is to remove heavy chemical drugs from the body and eliminate unnecessary burden.
Are the heavy chemical drugs given by the veins decreasing to the size of the kidney and bladder so that drinking too much water can solve this problem?
 Moreover, the accumulation that we call toxin is in every part of the body.
Then the weekly sweating programs should be followed.
Because sweating in this way occurs at every point in the human body.
In addition, many chemical factors and radiation in the body can be removed quickly through sweating.
Even when a lung X-ray is taken, a sweating should be performed on that day so that the radiation received can be removed.

3- Medical treatments

This rule, which is a sine qua non of cancer treatment, is at the forefront of treatment.
Surgery is essential for removal of cancer tissue from the body.
Chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy are administered preoperatively and / or postoperatively.
In these applications, the patient’s operability, that is, the risks of surgery, the physical condition of the patient, the exact localization of the tumor, the presence of metastasis, are examined at continuous and periodic intervals and the treatments are arranged according to these criteria.
In patients who cannot be treated surgically, only chemotherapy or radiotherapy is decided according to tumor characteristics.
9 Important Points in Cancer Treatment

4-Hygiene and Infection

First of all, the subject of hygiene should be examined in two sections as physical hygiene and environment hygiene.
Physical hygiene starts by mouth. Oral health is of particular importance in cancer patients.
The reason for this is to protect the patient with a weakened immune system from infections that are likely to start orally and affect the entire digestive system.
Therefore, decayed teeth in the mouth should be treated, if any, gum diseases should be treated in consultation with the dentist.

The denture or dental prosthesis of the patient should be removed before sleep, the examination gloves sold with the box in pharmacies should be brushed and rinsed thoroughly with their own toothbrush and kept in a glass with a washable lid every day.

The patient should be brushed at least twice a day.

The patient should be showered as often as possible, if he cannot do it himself, especially the genital and anal areas should be washed with antibacterial soaps, hygienic patient pads should be used if necessary and bed linen should be changed frequently.

Especially in patients who have undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the immune system is weakened to varying degrees and patients become vulnerable to infectious diseases and can be easily infected.

To prevent this, food should be cooked at home, the room cleaned and ventilated daily, the items used should be washed or wiped frequently, and hand and face contact with visitors should be avoided.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Toilet paper must be used by everyone in the homes of cancer patients.
Patients should use a napkin at any point in the public areas, such as grocery stores, hospitals, elevators, workplaces, public toilets, buses and taxis.
One of the most frequently used things by humans is money, so it is an important way of spreading germs and viruses because it is a material that often changes hands.
Mouth and nose mask may be preferred to protect cancer patients from all infectious diseases.

5-sleep according

Ideally, 7 or 8 hours of deep sleep according to the needs of the patient is to ensure.
As it is known, sleep is necessary for resting, renewing and healing of cells and tissues, especially the brain.
However, physical activities that prepare the ground for sleep should not be neglected.
If the patient is able to walk, he or she should be carried out several times during the day, either on his own or in company.
This will protect both the heart and circulatory system health, increase lung oxygenation, muscle tension and provide the necessary fatigue for sleep.
In addition, a comfortable bed and a quiet environment should be provided for the patient to sleep comfortably, and if necessary, an order can be established to help the patient wake up for any problems.

 The human body works in two periods during the day, which change day and night.

In fact, this period is valid for all living things in the world.
In the time period we call night, all living things grow. Almost all hormones become active at night.
Especially our growth hormones and melanin.

Everything in the world grows at night

Everything in the world grows in hair, nail cells, plants and nature only at night.
In this growth process, diseases become more noticeable at night in humans.
The fact that living things are in night-growth mode also allows an energy to be released.
That is why people also suffer from heart attacks, sudden deaths and a lot of physical problems that occur in 80% of the time zone they call at night.
Even if 80% of earthquakes are observed, they occur at night.
When people wake up in the morning, they feel as if they were born again.
The reason for this is that the energy spent during the day, fatigue and wear, come to life with the sleep of the night.
Night event ends with morning sunrise.
Until that time, ie until sunrise, one of our organs is always renewing itself and preparing for a new day in each time zone.
This takes place from about 22:30 at night to sunrise.
Therefore, spending this time with as good a sleep as possible is the basic rule of being healthy.

9 Important Points in Cancer Treatment

6-Physical Activities

All cancer patients should be encouraged to return to normal physical activities after surgery, with or without chemotherapy and radiotherapy, especially in the majority of surgical patients.
Normally, daily physical activities protect the muscles from weakening and support the muscle pump.
In addition, breathing as deeply as possible can both work the diaphragm with the rib cage muscles and facilitate the return of blood to the heart by negative pressure fluctuations in the thoracic cavity.
Deep breathing movements at the same time opening the tiny air chambers called alveoli in the lungs provide better oxygenation of the blood and increases lung elasticity.
For this reason, especially during the recovery period of the patient in the bed after the bicycle pedal turning movements to be carried out in clean air environments, while the arms to be made in the circular and vertical direction, shuttle pulling movements, aerobic movements within the physical possibilities, repeated several times a day as a good prepare the ground asleep.

Physical Activity Form and Types

Lung patients receiving long bed treatment should be warned by banging the back with light touches by making them sit in bed once a day.
In addition, changing bed positions by turning bed patients to their right and left occasionally contributes to the prevention of bed sores.
Muscles in the human body, especially leg muscles, may occur as muscle wasting in inpatients.
In such patients, daily massage of the muscles that are down to the knees of the legs is required.
This massage should not be done by squeezing or crushing the legs, but from top to bottom, from bottom to top.
In this way, the lower leg muscles by preventing the melting of the veins in the end areas to work more comfortable and circulation is provided to support.
These massages can be applied to the soles of the feet and toes. The most dangerous muscle melting due to inactivity in the human body develops in the back and back muscles.

The muscles that carry the spine and the human are found in these regions.
Routine back and waist massages will give strength and vitality to muscles especially when applied with Aroma Therapeutic oils. The problem of the inpatient is not only the disease, but also the weakness of the muscles and the internal organ laziness.
9 Important Points in Cancer Treatment


Important Points in Cancer Treatment

Studies have shown that approximately 50% of cancer patients have mental disorders.
These include social adjustment difficulties or disorders, panic disorders, depression, personality changes, alcohol or drug abuse, fear of the future (children, marriage, career), fear of death.
First of all, both patients and their relatives should not get into a useless, sad, frustrating and depressing mood, such as thinking about why this situation happened to them.

If the treatment is necessary, it may be necessary to get professional help, that is to say, to benefit from the psychiatrist and possibly the medications he will give, especially in the postoperative period, chemotherapy and radiotherapy periods.
Adverse effects that may occur during treatment periods; pain, nausea and vomiting, hair loss and physical weakness can only be prevented by softening by the positive behaviors of the patient’s relatives such as empathy, approaching the patient with love and morale.
It should be told that the patient does not lose his enthusiasm and hope for life as long as he is experienced with the suggestions to be made, that he looks at the events with positive eye and that there are people living in worse conditions in the world.
It should not be forgotten that whatever the human brain believes, its body moves in the same parallel.
In a person who truly believes that he or she will recover, all hormones and glands support this motivation and affect the treatment process positively.
It has been identified in many researches around the world and this condition is called İy The Healing Power of the Brain..


10 benefits of ozone therapy
9 Important Points in Cancer Treatment

The source of life in the world is oxygen.
People are often unaware that they inhale by carrying oxygen to their body in every breath.
Breathing and exhale are treated as an instant body reflex and ignored enough.
We can better understand the value of oxygen we breathe in a dirty air, when we fall into water or hold our breath for a few minutes.
Life can be lost in five minutes without oxygen.
Isn’t there a quality problem for oxygen itself that is so important?
The oxygen we breathe abundantly reaches the organs and gives life to the body by increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of the body.
So our lungs are not the only organs that need oxygen. In fact, our lungs are the organs that take the oxygen that the whole body needs, synthesize it, and provide it to reach all organs with blood and cells.

The more abundant and high quality oxygen sent to all organs and tissues through our lungs, the less likely it is to grow and spread cancer cells in the body.
There are many reports that cancer cells cannot develop in well-oxygenated organs and tissues.
Nowadays, cancer patients may not be able to get plenty of oxygen by taking all of them to pine forests.

Cancer Patients Should Take Care of Ventilation Environment

– Patients should not be kept in small and narrow rooms,
– Patient room should be ventilated twice a day,
– Patient room should not be shared with more people,
– Live flowers should not be kept in the patient rooms,
– Air conditioner should not be used in the patient room and weekly air conditioner filters should be cleaned if used.
– Air conditioners absorb the moisture in the air, during this suction people breathe in the room, viruses and germs that can be mixed with the air are drawn through the filter. Then when they are operated, they emit into the room.
– Rooms should be ventilated and disinfected after each visitor.

Care should be taken to ensure that the rooms of cancer patients are not too hot.
Germs and viruses become viable in hot environments and have a high risk of spreading.
A room with light coolness, simple and light colors should be preferred.
In addition, ozone therapy or hyperbalic oxygen application can provide plenty of quality oxygen to cancer patients is possible.
It is known that it supports the cancer treatment process positively as long as it is applied by experts.
Ozone Therapy: Minor, major, rectal and nasal ozone with various methods such as the region of the disease, according to the location of the organs can be made in many ways.
Basically, the shortest and most effortless way for a patient receiving cancer treatment to get oxygen is to get support from an ozone therapist.


10 Important Points in Cancer Treatment
9 Important Points in Cancer Treatment

Here we will give you some very understandable and easily available suggestions. In fact, everyone’s age, weight, occupation, gender and similar reasons for a specific diet program to implement healthy and mental life is true in the name.
Patients, especially cancer patients, are required to implement a specific diet program, both for the duration of your patient’s treatment and for the medical or alternative therapies to be more effective.
All cancer patients except for the brain tumors group should benefit from a diet program.
Fasting in cancer treatment is more important than being full. It has been revealed in our research that our intact cells can renew themselves faster and create a stronger cell structure during fasting periods. So the logic of eating too much wrong, less but rich in vitamins and minerals to eat is correct.
Excess calorie intake has negative effects on our cells and liver.

Do not keep live flowers and mobile phones in our patients’ rooms. Do not operate the air conditioner continuously. Extremely hot rooms and beds do not use.
Make sure they sleep between 23.00 and 07.00 in the morning.
Wash your patients using medication every 2 to 3 days, make body cleansing and sweat once a week. For inpatients who require massage, apply soft massage and joint movements daily to the joints and muscles where they lie.
Try to make our inpatients sit for half an hour, even once a day.
Since the circulation of the inpatients slows down, massage the legs upwards and relax the circulation by lifting the feet up from the heart level once in a while.
Massage under the toes and soles of the feet, stimulate by cleaning with a little cologne at each massage.
Inpatients with constipation, apply light massages on the abdominal areas with pure olive oil, close with warm, warm towels.

Some Foods to Avoid in the Cancer Diet

• All kinds of pickles, pickled foods
• Canned foods, sausages, salami, sausages
• Farm chickens, farm eggs, red meat and offal varieties
• Prepared fruit juices, cola drinks, tap water, instant soups
• Alcohol, tobacco products
• Heavy oil products
• Margarine, ready buttermilk, yoghurt, milk etc…
• White bread, ready desserts, cakes
• Direct grills made of coal or wood fire
• Salt, sugar, white flour, hot spices
• Stinging nettle

Some Foods Recommended for Cancer Patients

• Prepared water, spring water, compote water, freshly squeezed fruit juices, fresh fruit juices passed through blender.
• Rye, bran, corn bread.
• Natural cereals and legumes such as brown rice, chickpeas, soybeans, lentils.
• Fish meat, veal, lamb meat, village eggs (flux).
• Natural milk, goat cheese, natural yogurt, kefir.
• Olive oil, soybean oil, hazelnut oil, butter.
• Fresh vegetables and fruit, boiled potatoes.
• Salad with arugula, parsley, broccoli, carrot, purple cabbage, radish and onion.
• Distribution of foods such as walnut, hazelnut, date, apricot, dried fig, black grape, mulberry, plum dried to daily diet.
• Green tea, black tea (unsweetened first dem), rosehip tea, mint-lemon tea, mineral water.
It is recommended to use this and similar foods, according to your own wish to distribute a program, you can apply.

Here are a few sample tables:

Breakfast at 9.00 in the morning:
• rye bread (1 slice)
• a piece of goat cheese
• an egg white
• as many olives (green)
• walnut inside (2 pieces)
• apricots (2 pieces)
• raisins (1 tbsp)
• freshly squeezed orange juice

Lunch 13.00:
• salad (made with recommended food groups)
• one boiled potato
• a fish
• a slice of bread
• after-meal mineral water
• one fruit between meals…

Dinner 19.00:
• 1 plate of pulses
• green group salad such as arugula, parsley
• a slice of bread
• dried figs (2 pieces)
• dates (5 pieces)
• after-meal mineral water
• one fruit after a meal.

A plate of natural yogurt, green tea, black tea, rosehip tea between meals, before bedtime

9 Important Points in Cancer Treatment

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