10 Reasons To Have A Massage

10 Reasons To Have A Massage

10 Reasons To Have A Massage;Getting massage is more than just relaxing.

In addition to the relaxation of the muscles and the tremendous feeling of relaxation, massage has a number of health benefits.
For these 10 reasons, we are sure to convince you to have a massage.

10 Reasons To Have A Massage
Headaches Treatment

1- Can Relieve Headache

You have an unbelievable headache and you can’t find out where your painkiller is.
Or you are suffering from migraine and have not found any proper method of reducing your pain.
All of these have a solution, of course.
Nerve, stress, tension, headache; able to reduce all of them with a good massage.
especially with reflexology and head massage, it is possible to minimize your migraine pain

2- Massage Has Soothing Effect and Relaxes Body

all types of massages have this effect, but some of the types of massage I can recommend, especially Swedish massage or hot stone massage, help to relax the body with the effect of heat while making hot stone massage.
swedish massage; With this special massage with the right amount of pressure to relax your tight muscles, you can end a taut and tiring day.

3- Reduces Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common problem that everyone has, from pregnant to middle-aged and over 60-year-olds.
Regular massage will help you get rid of this pain.
In fact, many medical specialists refer patients with joint pain to a licensed massage therapist.
For this reason, you can have regular massages on a weekly or monthly basis.

4- Reduces Anxiety

Massage is one of the factors that decrease the anxiety which is one of the common diseases of millions of people in the world.
Massage reduces the level of stress hormone in the body by half, and so anxiety symptoms are alleviated.

Massage Therapy Benefits and Thecniques

5- Minimizes back pain

Back pain is one of the most common medical complaints, but you do not need to accept this intolerable pain or take a handful of medication.
According to research, having a massage regularly reduces the need for painkillers by 36% in back pain.
you can also prevent calcification accumulated around the wing muscles by regular massage.

6- Neuromuscular Massage Reduces Muscle Pain

Most employees at the desk, also called white-collar, use their hands, wrists and arms the most.
In particular, the most common complaints are neck and back pain.
However, even if it is painful, either the sitting position is changed, the drug is taken or the pain continues to work together.
However, the majority of desk workers who regularly receive neuromuscular massages do not have to suffer.
You can get rid of your neck, back, arm and leg pain by having chair massage.

7- Increases flexibility.

Regardless of your age, you can have a flexible body by having regular tai massage or shiatsu massage.
this way your quality of life goes one step further

8- Helps in Cancer Treatment Process

Unfortunately, 4 out of 10 adults fight cancer for part of their lives.
Various massage techniques, commonly used as a complementary treatment for cancer patients, provide a reduction in many of the symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, insomnia and fatigue.
especially with aromatherapy massage therapy provides spiritual relaxation.
This type of massages, which have both physical and spiritual effects, will benefit cancer treatment as a result of regular application.

9- You may experience energy explosion

The last day of the week is over and you are thinking about how to get home with this exhaustion.

Or you can fall asleep every evening after 10 pm due to an incredible exhaustion.

Those who like to wake up in the morning with great energy like freshly woken up can prefer Swedish or German massage.

it has also been shown to increase sexual productivity of an individual having regular massages.

massage of Treat Hair Fall

10- Improves Face, Scalp and Hair Health

A simple facial and scalp massage is very relaxing and also improves the health of your scalp, hair and facial skin.
Some studies have even proven that facial massages can prevent sagging skin and wrinkles.
In addition, thanks to some natural plant oils, both your hair and your body by affecting the health can get a healthier state

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