10 False Fails Related To Psychoanalysis

10 False Fails Related To Psychoanalysis

10 False Fails Related To Psychoanalysis; What is not said about psychoanalysis to the narcissist toy that is rich in shock treatments applied to neurosis patients?

by Isabelle Taubes ;10 False Fails Related To Psychoanalysis

Let’s take a look at the facts.
Psychoanalysis is everywhere today: Does anyone hear Freud da on TV and in the press?
However, very few people can really describe this psychoanalysis in detail and accurately.
Analytical therapy, however, continues to generate many beliefs and prejudices about itself.
These prejudices stem from the lack of knowledge and some of them prevent a possible journey to the court, which will be good for them.
It’s time to tell the truth from the wrong.

1- I am aware of my problems and can analyze myself.

Some people try to understand the causes of their difficulties on their own.
However, it is impossible for them to reach the unconscious on their own.
Being aware of the problems does not mean bringing solutions to the problems.
On the contrary, even if you have a friend with you, you will always go through the same paths again when you alone reason on your own problem.
As a result, you can go around the same problem before finding a solution.
The presence of an analyst is needed to end this cycle and to expose the unconscious material.
Moreover, the analysis is not already known, but unknown facts are surfaced to discuss.

2- I change completely.

Change is precisely one of the key points of analytical therapy.
Man cannot be the same as before, because there is a break.
Although a number of functions remain the same, relationships with others and life change in depth; the individual sees an increased benefit.
A person who does not like himself and has a lack of confidence gains self-confidence.
Maybe he doesn’t start to love himself more, but the issue of “self-love starts to occupy less space in his life, and thus his social life is less affected.

3- Self-oriented exercise makes people self-centered.

Yes, it is true that it is a self-focused exercise, but it is far from self-centered.
It is possible to get the impression that the individual making the decision to start the analysis is self-directed.
However, the majority of these people are victims of unconscious mechanisms aiming at others, rather than their own happiness.
This is the source of their suffering. As a result, the analysis allows them to return to themselves for the first time.
Indeed, at first they only care about their own personalities.
But when the time comes, they pass through this stage and acquire ”honest egoism that they know to look after themselves without turning away from others.

4- It does not make sense to talk if the other person does not open his mouth.

No! It’s never meaningless to talk to someone else.
Moreover, the psychoanalyst is not someone who does not open his mouth.
Less talk is meant to enable the patient to express himself / herself freely and produce solutions for himself / herself.
The psychoanalyst’s art stems from his ability to say the right thing at the right time.
Interventions were calculated; the psychoanalyst speaks to point, underline, manipulate, and soothe a very anxious patient.
He is aware that too much conversation can cause excessive anxiety to the other person. Moreover, it is not her job to advise, manage, or model.
Such steps confine the other.
Moreover, not all analysts establish a similar relationship to silence in terms of their theoretical formations or personalities. Some are more k talkative diğer than others.

5-It is an initiative of the rich.

On the contrary, the rich are less fortunate in psychoanalysis.
A billionaire who is delirious that he will be killed does not go to the psychoanalyst;
However, a financially significant wage prevents the individual from making excuses. Neurosis is a mental organization that causes self-harm.
Asking patients to pay money contributes to their escape from this masochistic behavior.
However, despite the existence of offices, hospitals and polyclinics, psychoanalysis is indeed out of reach of the economic sub-segment of society.
Although psychoanalysts often have to revise price tariffs due to crises, it is true that therapy is a service within the material strength of the middle class.

6- He is a prescriptor, he kills originality.

Analysis is destructive! Of course it helps people find their way in society, but it does so within the framework of their own desires and the person they really are.
Many patients whose creativity has been disrupted and limited will improve their properties through therapy.
When we really have something to say, analysis allows us to better express ourselves.
On the other hand, it puts an end to false creativity that will be a neurotic manifestation of psychic pain.
For example, a person who writes or paints against torn storms can stop these activities after learning to express himself differently through analysis.

7- After the analysis, people experience more neurosis.

No way! In the analysis, especially at the end of the analysis, there may be some very painful moments, anxieties or depression.
These painful transitions prove that a difficult truth that really needs to be confronted is questioned or that the belief that has kept us alive until that day has been questioned.
Of course, these stages of the person’s environment, “It was better than before …” can say.
But this is wrong. It is also true that the emotional scenes and / or painful relationships are reminiscent immediately after leaving the analyst.
But these are to make sure that you know how to say no more and to act according to a different way.
The flow will continue in this way until the day when the stance on desire and taste changes.

1- I am aware of my problems and can analyze myself.

Both yes and no.
Those who turn to the analyst act with the urge to understand what is happening to them and to learn why they suffer.
For example, “Why am I screwing up every time I want to succeed?” Or neden Why does it hurt when the doctor says I don’t have anything? ”
director Feeling that there is a stone in your shoe may be the reason for starting psychoanalysis, says director Serge Moati’s metaphorical narrative.
A tiny, unexplained but uncomfortable discomfort that suffers from life alone is enough.
Such a stance undoubtedly requires a neutral view that a delusional or desperate individual cannot have alone.
An individual who feels really bad is receiving medication or hospitalization. Most of the time they don’t know how bad their situation is.

8- Psychoanalysis is for those who feel bad.

No, except when the patient discovers that the relationship has harmed him or herself only during therapy.
Analysis of one partner often contributes to the improvement and improvement of the relationship.
The couple makes various arrangements to live a better life and ignore things that are not going well.
There are many couples who come to therapy for divorce and discover that they never actually want a divorce.
The opposite can also happen.

10- Short of therapy is good, not worth spending years on the sofa.

Short and long therapy is not the same thing.
The work done over a few weeks or a few months cannot be the same over the years.
It is true that the analysis process is very long; should predict about 10 years.
Analysis is an investment in itself. In total it costs almost one car.
So why does it take so long? First of all, psychic processes progress very slowly and it is essential not to shake the patient.
As a result, analytical work accelerates depending on what the patient can withstand and understand how his or her own problems are.
Moreover, today the analysis goes much deeper than Freud’s period and works differently.
While Freud sees his patients for a few hours each day, the sessions are more open today;
like two or three sessions of half an hour per week.
An important note: The analysis can also be applied in “slices ılan that span one, two, or three years and focus on solving a specific problem (emotional, occupational, etc.) or relieving a psychosomatic symptom.
You can then start again if you want to advance.

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